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Keep These Up and Coming Artists on Your Radar



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If there’s one thing that keeps us going, it’s the notion that no matter how unpredictable the world becomes, there will always be good music to discover. The world has fostered talent in a variety of professions. Up and coming talents are constantly on the menu, from cinema and design to architecture and music.

These brilliant up and coming recording artists will take your beach holiday soundtrack to the next level. Sometimes genreless or spanning many genres in true Gen Z flair, you’ll always have something to listen to while playing on South Africa online casino.

1. Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf describes her music as “funky soul-pop,” yet she would like to not be labeled in the first place. “They simply don’t make sense anymore,” Wolf said in an interview with i-D Magazine. Wolf is an up and coming artist worth hearing and supporting, with lyrics inspired by mental health challenges, broken relationships, and other real and ever-relevant subjects. She continues to deliver funky tracks and even more funky music videos, and with an anticipated collaboration with Dominic Fike, we are excited to see what else she releases next.

2. Fana Hues

Fana Hues’ first album Hues revealed that she is a rising artist who will be one of this generation’s most promising R&B faces. Hues’ singing, lyrics, and candid depiction of disastrous relationships are unlike any other. Her appearance on Tyler, the Creator’s recently released “Sweet” clearly displays the artist’s ability and flexibility. Soon enough, we’ll all be hearing her songs on every radio station.


Previously recognized as Johnny Utah, the contemporary indie-pop musician rose to prominence with his tune “Honeypie,” which has had over 36 million views on YouTube. JAWNY proved he’s not going anywhere by releasing his dance track mixtape For Abby. While he hasn’t yet had the opportunity to perform it live on tour, JAWNY has made music videos for many of his hits, bringing us on a visual trip that exposes us to his unusual style and attitude. The singer has certainly established himself as one of today’s top pop performers. So, the next time you’re putting together a great road trip soundtrack, you’ll know who to include.

4. AG Club

AG Club has demonstrated with each record they’ve released that they can’t be stereotyped. Their early song “Memphis” received so much attention that a remix featuring NLE Choppa and A$AP Ferg was released less than a year later. Every endeavor they’ve begun has made us more eager for the next. Keep up with AG Club while they’re on the verge of mainstream success.

5. Still Woozy

We’ve been listening to Still Woozy’s singles for far too long, so we’re eagerly awaiting upcoming albums he’ll be releasing. The artist, real name Sven Gamsky, is so different that we’re having trouble putting a label on him. Woozy is a blend of indie and electro-pop with a significant lo-fi undertone in many of his tunes. He’s one of those artists you’ll want to suggest to your friends straight away since you know he’ll blow up soon.

6. Emotional Oranges

Emotional Oranges is an unnamed R&B collective that is sweeping the up and coming music world by storm. While we love their music, we can’t tell “V” and “A” apart from a crowd because they’ve successfully kept their genuine identities disguised from the public view. It’s simple to get into Emotional Oranges, and with such a quick outset to their career, we have a feeling these up-and-coming musicians will be accomplishing big things not long from now.

7. Peach Tree Rascals

Since their track “Mariposa” became popular on TikTok, Peach Tree Rascals have proceeded to create hit after hit. The promising ensemble brings together artists of Palestinian, Filipino, and Mexican heritage, resulting in upbeat genre-blending tracks with varied elements of alt-jazz, blues, funk, and R&B. Listen to their debut EP Camp Nowhere and you’ll get hooked instantly
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